Grounded in Graphic Design, Immersed In Art & Surrounded by Inspired Natural Form!

For those of you that don’t know my background in art, here’s a few steps that will help you understand my journey, that led me to where I am today……

Art college of course was par for the course, but even the most well intentioned teaching machines can’t give you the ‘bones’ that we all refer to as ‘artistic’!

Being artistic was born in me. A flair from very young coupled with a healthy appetite for natural history and a very supportive family , fuelled me to follow my dream.

A cliche you may think, but who wouldn’t want to follow a career in something that was their passion too?

Life and necessities like a ‘roof over our head’, our beautiful children and food!, meant that for a large part of my career  I was salaried and working for someone else. Unable to lose my talent, (‘what came naturally)’,  led me into Graphic Design. Eventually I had my own company partnered with a very dear friend of mine.

I still dabble in design when the right buttons are pushed!  Having left this part of my life, somewhat behind, the pressure of ‘ I want my work yesterday’, from very high profile clients,  seems all but a distant memory! And I must say I’m a lot calmer to boot!!!  My background in design  now runs smoothly aside  my career as an artist, allowing me to flourish in a  cyber dominated world……

Here is a logo I designed for a good customer of mine:

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 12.19.52