LARGE works go down a storm!!!

Tony has recently been working very hard to produce some amazing large scale Natural history artworks. From years of experience as a graphic designer and re-toucher

Tony has been able to produce some amazing limited edition prints 1/12. His understanding of 3D along with shadow work and high-res production techniques, has these stunning interior pieces leaping off the wall! the detail is truly incredible. Big is definitely beautiful. Together with the print quality each one has been framed to a very high level, making them ready to hang straight in your desired location. Each print is stamped, signed and numbered 1/12. This example shows “Tigaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhh” a powerful statement piece measuring almost 5 feet square! Tony’s NEW creations have been very popular with interior designers wishing to add to their clients collections with truly unique and original artworks all based in the wonderful world of Natural History. “Tigaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhh” is now available at £1200. Contact tony through his website for further details?