A Message from Tony Ladd Art


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PLEASE NOTE: All replica collections are painted to order… please contact us before placing your order to confirm waiting lists and delivery dates.

Although very flattering it has been very worrying that there are people out there who have been scanning and copying our prints! and producing replica egg collections that are intended to look exactly like Tony’s work – i.e. in layout, arrangement and framing styles. ALL of Tony’s prints are stamped with an embossed logo depicting an Osprey holding a paintbrush. If this is not present? then the print has not been numbered and signed by us. Replica collections are in solid oak/mahogany and not cheap laminated frames. It should be pretty easy to identify the quality of the replicas in general as they are just not to a high standard. This is skilled work and has taken many many years to perfect. An egg for example such as an Osprey can take up to 2 days to complete! If you would like any further details regarding Tony’s work – please feel free to contact us for a chat, nothing these days seems to be exempt from forgery but as an artist who has worked hard for over 35 years it is both annoying and upsetting that Tony’s work has been copied for monetary gain. Rant over…….


Individual British bird egg specimens. Bespoke hand painted replicas cased or supplied lose.


Width: –


cast replica eggs? (various patterning)

hand painted to absolute natural size and shape (various patterning)