British Owls Collection


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An educational style display of our 5 native British Owls, beautifully arranged and featuring pictorial images and brief descriptive texts on each species. This hand painted collection displays the mainly very spherical shapes of owls’ eggs. Each egg is made life size and arranged on a background design with a main title of “British Owls and their Eggs”. Each egg is labelled below with species name and latin name . There is a title plate named “British Birds of Prey” attached to the outside frame. A perfect gift for lovers of these silent hunters, a beautiful bespoke display dedicated to the owl family. The ideal gift for the farmhouse study, library or gentleman’s study.


British Owls replica cased collection.


Width: 225mm x Height: 295mm


Tawny Owl, Long Eared Owl, Barn Owl, Short Eared Owl and Little Owl