British Swans & Geese (Wildfowl)


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PLEASE NOTE: All replica collections are painted to order… please contact us before placing your order to confirm waiting lists and delivery dates.

This cased collection shows the huge eggs of the Swan and Geese family. Tony has made a superb job of replicating the pitted and distressed surface found in Swans eggs. Beautifully balanced with the Goose eggs underneath the subtle green/beige tones work wonderfully together. This example shows the collection framed in waxed oak which was chosen to go into a restaurant area. Again there is a constant line of enquiry for clientelle all wondering firstly if the eggs are real!! but then marvelling at the accuracy achieved in Tony’s painted work. Although a very large case this collection is a fundamental part of the British Birds’ series of collections, and has been a popular centre piece to the many clients who collect Tony’s work. If you own a pub or Restaurant with a Swan or Goose nameplate this is the ideal case to complement your interior and to become a talking point for years to come.


A collection of British Swans & Geese Egg studies. Bespoke hand painted replica cased collection.


Width: 440mm x Height: 490mm


Whooper Swan, Berwicks Swan, Mute Swan, Canada Goose, Grey-Lag Goose, White & Pink Fronted Goose, Brent Goose, Barnacle Goose, Egyptian Goose.