Elephant Bird Egg (Replica)


Replica egg & hand-forged stand


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The egg of “Aepyornis maximus” The Elephant Bird is a truly magnificent marvel of nature. The largest egg ever to be laid by a bird hails from Madagascar and was laid by a flightless now extinct gigantic species. This huge upright bird stood over 3m tall! Elephant Birds were only ever found on the island of Madagascar where the beaches still to this day are strewn with millions of egg shell fragments measuring from 10-100mm across and 3-4mm thick. Replicating this mammoth of an egg was a real engineering challenge, as the huge hollow cast needed to be correct in exact dimension height through to circumference, with such a large void it was very difficult to cast without it collapsing under its own weight. This replica is the perfect weight and even features a large blow hole to the rear. To display this mesmerising piece made much more popular by Sir David Attenborough’s recent documentary, Tony has devised a hand-forged iron stand, which gently cradles the huge egg without distracting from the overall egg shaped form. This makes a stunning interior statement piece! – a recent client complained… “I have a problem with my Elephant Bird Egg! it is located on a shelf in close proximity to my television screen. I now find myself listening to the background commentary but am totally transfixed by my giant aquisition and can’t stop staring at its over powering presence!


A life-sized, hollow replica specimen of Aepyornis maximus


Width: approx 235mm x Height: approx 300mm


A beautifully hand-forged iron cradle support stand.

Egg can be purchased separately (please contact us to discuss costings?)