Garden Birds Replica Collection


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These magnificent birds, often associated with bright tantalising colour and orchestral song always evoke a definite gasp when sighted in birdwatchers binoculars. There sheer beauty, and with vastly diminishing numbers, sometimes unexpected glimpses amongst fruit trees, shrubs and seed pots, remind us of nature at its most flambouyant. The eggs are equally beautiful and display all the attributes of fine scribbles, streaks and rust red spots. The delicate backdrop of pale blue and pinky beige balance in perfect harmony the surface decoration. If ever described as natures jewels this unique collection contains a stunning variation of eggs most dazzling array of markings.


20 of Britain’s more common garden birds. Bespoke hand painted replica cased collection.


Width: 397mm x Height: 310mm


Tree Sparrow, Nightingale, Song Thrush, Blackbird, Collared Dove, Starling, Great Spotted Woodpecker, House Sparrow, Robin,