The Great Auk – Limited Edition Prints x 4


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These beautiful limited edition prints of The Great Auk Egg show the exact size of the Auks’ egg. The four prints show the typical markings found for this species. Eggs show the less patterned sparcely marked egg along with the scribbled and scrawled very detailed versions that are known to exist today. The four matching prints have been designed to show the age of this once plentiful bird. The titles and naturalists stamp are applied in the typical Victorian ‘hand written’ type styles from the era. Each egg is placed on a faded map of one of the last Auk stronghold islands, before they were completely wiped out at the hands’ of man. Prints can be purchased as a set of four or individually if requested. Single prints are £35.00 each.


Limited Edition of 100 lithographic print. Signed, numbered and stamped by Tony Ladd.


Width: 210mm x Height: 300mm


4 x Studies of the Great Auks’ egg.