The Great Auk (cased)


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The huge egg of the Great Auk has been skilfully reproduced in this museum style cased specimen. Tony has studied the Great Auk egg in great detail and has been commissioned to reproduce several of the existing 65 eggs left in the world today. As a personal friend with Errol Fuller Tony is able to replicate any of the known Auk eggs depending on clarity of data. Tony can also produce your very own Auk egg which will be a marked with a unique set of markings applied using his skill and knowledge of the subject. Tony has also written articles about the extinction of the Great Auk and has photographs in the round of some of the museum specimens and private collectors eggs known today. Tony can produce a hollow replica without the case if requested.


Cased Great Auk egg replica. Egg can be purchased as EGG ONLY @ £199.00


Width: 150mm x Height: 220mm


1 replica Great Auk egg in 3 sided glass museum style case.