Guillemot & Razorbill specimens Collection


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This stunning collection of Guillemots & Razorbills eggs is a truly remarkable case of specimens. These seabird species display surely some of the most beautiful of all eggs decoration. NO two eggs are alike with each bird laying their single egg with their own distinct signature pattern. It is said that these individual patterns make it easier for the parent bird to identify their single egg when in amongst the thousands of cliff dwelling birds that breed annually around our shores. Tony is the first to admit that this collection is a real labour of love, taking almost a month to complete. This collection really does show the attention to detail tony puts in to all his collections. Laid out in this museum style arrangement it becomes a unique work of art that will be admired by all! Tony’s skill in the art of replica is outstanding. This bespoke collection commissioned by oologist Roger Devron Green of Royal Tunbridge Wells was greeted with the singular word WOW!! a crowning centrepiece for the huge wall of replica cased collections Roger already owns all executed by Tony’s hand.


A collection of Guillemot & Razorbill specimens. Bespoke hand painted replica cased collection.


Width: 400mm x Height: 420mm


7 x Guillemot eggs (various patterning)

7 x Razorbill eggs (various patterning)