Metal Bird Sculpture (6 x flying gulls)


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These metal bird sculptures are cut from outline sketches that capture the beautiful shapes of each species. They are made from 2mm mild steel and have been hand-painted to give a natural patinated look. This technique makes a wonderful natural spotted and aged look, giving each bird further form and texture. Once this process has been completed each sculpture is sprayed with several layers of clear satin lacquer which prevents further corrosion, protecting against the elements. Each silhouette is mounted artistically on 6mm rod which can be pushed firmly into the ground. After this final stage… glass eyes are added which bring each bird to life. Each one is a one of a kind piece as the naturally patination cannot be achieved identically each time? Add some naturalistic bird art to your garden/summerhouse and blend these studies amongst the natural foliage or against a feature wall. Ground fixings enable the sculptures to be pushed into the ground (i.e. PEACOCK) which again brings them to life walking across the lawn! As each piece is rather large they will be sent via UPS courier at the standard rate for parcel size?


Gulls 6 x flying in group


Height: approx 1000mm


Multiple offer discounts: £150.00