The Peregrine Falcon (Single)


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This the largest of the British Falcons and favours a very inaccessible nest site, traditionally on a cliff ledge, but in recent years tall buildings such as cathedrals and tower blocks. Little or no nesting material is used, the eggs (commonly two to four) have a creamy buff ground, but this is often entirely masked by the deep brown or rust red markings. Thickly distributed over the ground in the form of mottlings, blotches and spots, the eggs take on a rich reddish appearance. This egg and feather study has been bespokely designed to pay tribute to the Peregrines in Tony’s home city of Chichester, where a wondrous spectacle takes place every year during the breeding season. A battlement turret has been home to no less than 23 successful clutches of Peregrine offspring witnessed by hundreds of thousands of public visitors. The Peregrine egg is part of a set of 7 individual specimens which can be framed singularly or in a multi window mount.


Limited Edition of 500


Width: 165mm x Height: 165mm


A single Peregrine Falcon egg study