About Us

Tony Ladd is an accomplished artist in every sense of the word. From winning his first art competition at the age of nine, Tony has excelled in all areas of artistic expression. Trained as an illustrator and gaining a degree in graphic design he has expanded his folio with photo realistic illustration, wood carving, sculpture, jewellery and even interior design. As a partner in a successful design agency, commissions have ranged from high street branding of many famous names, restaurant design, packaging and one-off corporate sculptures. Wherever and whatever project Tony is working on? he has never forgotten the days of growing up on his Grandfather’s farm in Ditchling, West Sussex. It was this childhood experience that changed his life forever. With an abundance of wildlife all-around him and with his Grandfather’s expert knowledge handed down which included ornithology, flora and fauna, fishing and farming our native wildlife proved to be a lifelong passion. The ultimate culmination of years of design and illustration has led Tony to produce the most amazing  works of art  all with a firm wildlife theme.

Tony Ladd is an experienced wildlife artist whose highly detailed work is grounded in his life-long interest in ornithology. He works from an oak-framed wooden studio he built himself in his garden on the West Sussex coastline. He specialises in producing superb hand-painted casts of British Birds’ Eggs. These collections are highly sought after by collectors worldwide.

“Each egg is an original piece of artwork… I’m fascinated by the diverse colours, patterns, blotches and scribblings,”

he says. Tony continues to build an outstanding portfolio of natural history themed limited edition prints and hand-crafted works of art. All are available through our website.


Tony at work in his beautiful oak framed studio.

Tony Ladd at working on a Replica Egg

Tony’s attention to detail is astonishingly accurate.


Tony and Simon King discuss his replica egg work at BirdFair® 2013


Checking for colour accuracy at the printing of his Limited Edition prints, prior to destroying the plates.


Tony with framed examples from his Limited Edition collection.


Rutland Water BirdFair® 2013 “visitors book” or should I say “egg”