Feather Study Print ….. Golden Eagle (Limited Edition)


Feather Study Print ….. Golden Eagle (Limited Edition)


The Golden Eagle – Exclusive to Tony’s site, these stunning feather studies of British Birds of Prey show the beautiful colours and patterns found on the main Primaries and Tail feathers of our wonderful British Raptors. Each feather is shown actual size, and is labelled with specimen latin name, bird order and a family, there is also a tip to tip dimension diagram shown in millimetres. This unique feather collection is part of an ongoing limited edition print study of some of our most beautiful British birds. The raptors collection features four main groups Eagles, Falcons, Hawks and Owls. These can be purchased separately or in groups of three (see discounted offer). These stunning interior statements are part of a limited edition of just 100. All prints are stamped numbered and signed by Tony Ladd. Print will be despatched unframed – Framed image is for display purposes only!


Part of The Raptor Collection!
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Info & Dimensions:

Feather shown is …….. a Golden Eagle.

Height: approx 420mm.
Width of print: approx 297mm.

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Price: £150.00

Kite, Buzzard & Golden Eagle Feathers….(bought as a set) Discounted  Price: £400.00