Enlightening Day at the ‘EVOLUTION’ Auction!

The fossil skeleton of one of the most iconic of all dinosaurs, the Diplodocus was sold at Summers Place Auctions, The Walled Garden, Billingshurst. The auction for this and other stunning natural history curios, took place on 27th November 2013.

“This is the first time a large dinosaur had been offered for sale in Britain. Hours of painstaking endeavour went into the preparation of this fine specimen – first in retrieving it from its stony bed at Ten Sleep Wyoming then in conserving the bones and arranging them on the metal armature on which the skeleton was mounted.”

I was very fortunate to attend the auction and felt privileged  to view  the above and other  extinct specimens.

My good friend Errol Fuller, (Sale Curator), was in attendance . He is the author of a series of books on extinction and extinct creatures. Amongst others the following book, may prove of value to my readers:

Fuller, Errol (2003). The Great Auk: The Extinction of the Original Penguin. Bunker Hill.

Here are some pics of the day that I thought would be good to share. The cased bone is from the leg of a great auk! It reached a selling price of £1,700.00


dodome errolme