Birds of Prey (Triple)


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To many of us falcon, hawks and eagles are symbols of natures majesty and the wonder of heart stopping pursuit. With the destruction of our natural environment increasingly feared, these magnificent birds have an even greater importance among our native wildlife. The birds of prey collection display the diversity of egg colouration, where the Goshawk for example an almost giant cousin of the Sparrowhawk  produces an egg so different from our commonly sighted garden raptor. The falcons heavily blotched rust red colouration, and the blotching on the blunt end of the buzzard and Osprey make this a powerful study to adorn any wall. Not only does this collection show a full range of colours but also size and dimension ranging from the tiny egg of the Kestrel to the magnificent splendour of the Golden eagles egg.


Limited Edition of 500


Width: 165mm x Height: 297mm


Peregrine Falcon, Sparrowhawk, Kestrel