British Sea Birds


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The Seabirds collection is a particularly challenging case of specimens. Their markings are built up in layers and have very subtle underlying patterning. Tony has chosen a balanced selection of Seabirds eggs’ to show the wonderful array of colour, scribblings and diversity in both size and shape. Collection features the large pyriform shaped eggs of the Guillemot and Razorbill, along with the heavily blotched olives of the gull family. As you can see in the detailed images of the eggs, Tony’s skill in the art of replica is outstanding. In a recent commission for the Portugese Seabird Trust… Tony received the following comments….. “First I want to thank you for the magnificent replicas of the eggs. People visiting our facilities and exhibition are impressed with it and in fact it has been difficult to convince them that they are replicas and not true eggs” (José Vingada)


A collection of British Seabird studies. Bespoke hand painted replica cased collection.


Width: 400mm x Height: 420mm


Great Black Backed Gull, Lesser Black Backed Gull, Herring Gull, Black Headed Gull, Guillemot, Razorbill, Black Guillemot, Sandwich Tern, Sooty Tern, Common Tern, Puffin, Kittiwake and Great Skua.